CIS 351 Data Structures

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


DEC 07Final Examination: TUESDAY DEC 11 @ 2:45-4:45 PM LINK105
Open Book & Open Notes -- No Electronic Devices
NOV 27The TA just visited me with questions about Project 11. 
  1. You will not be using the Huffman Tree shown in Figure 8.35 on page 448.  Instead,  you will be collecting your own frequency data and use it to dynamically build your own tree for each file that you compress. 
  2. I have added a few notes to the instructions for the problem: 
    1. You need to produce a generic implementation to receive full credit. 
    2. You can earn extra credit by producing a second program which operates on longer bit strings or character strings and then compare the compression efficiency between your new program and the original version. 
OCT 31After carefully re-reading the course description,  I have eliminated two laboratory assignments and rescheduled the completion dates for the remaining assignments.  Please check the schedule for details.  However,  the Final Examination will cover the entire text.  Please plan your reading accordingly. 
OCT 31Effective immediately,  the late assignment penalty is reduced from 25% to 10%.  Please check the syllabus for details. 
OCT 17The file which contains your version of Linked List must either begin with the following statement: 
    import java.util.*
Or begin with copies of the relevant interface definitions.  Either of these will result in the compiler detecting errors whenever your LinkedList definition is incomplete. 
OCT 15The card image collection is now linked to Lab 7.
OCT 15The deadline for Lab 6 is extended to OCT 17. 
OCT 09The TA has changed his office hours.  Please consult the syllabus for the current times. 
SEP 25 Hi All, 
      Please follow the below mentioned instructions to upload your assignments henceforth. 
  1. Do not send them as email either to the TA or to the professor!!!
  2. Compress your assignments and rename the zip folder as per the following format:
    First_Name Last_Name Week(No)
    for eg: Tim Howard
  3. Use the link to upload the compressed folder. 
  4. When you click on the link,  it will ask you for username and password.  Login using your ecs account. 
  5. Select class CIS351
  6. Browse the compressed folder and upload.
  7. Save the confirmation for your purpose.  It is the only means by which you can be sure that you have uploaded you assignments on time. 
Vishal Chowdhary. 
SEP 12I pushed out the due date for Lab 3 to September 19.  This assignment does not require a GUI interface.  It does require several interacting classes responding to time-based events. 
SEP 11I continually update the web-site for this course.  When in doubt,  please reread the relevant web page.  Please tell me if I need to correct any of the information posted to this web-site. 
SEP 09Reread Getting Started
SEP 02Today is Dr. Nostrand's birthday. 
AUG 29

An upload directory has been set up for CIS351 on the webserver. 

Students can go to the following link to upload their homework:

This page requires https and generates a certificate error.  Tech support is working to fixing the certificate error. 

Multiple files must be zipped up in to a single zip file before being uploaded. 

AUG 27Welcome to CIS 351 Data Structures. Class announcements and other information will be posted here regularly. You should read the announcements page every Friday. In general, you should turn in your assignments as a folder of files via the instructor's inbox.

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