CIS 428 Introduction to Cryptography

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Kerchoff's Principles

  1. Secure The System SHoulbd be, if not THeoretically Unabreakable, Unbreakable in Practice.
  2. Fail-SafeComprise of the System Should not Inconvenience the Correspondents
  3. Easy to Use The Method for Choosing the Particular Member (Key) of the Cryptographic System to be Used Should be Easy to Memorize and Change
  4. Binary Compatible Ciphertext Should be Transmittable by Telegraph
  5. Portability The Cryptographic Apparatus Should be Portable
  6. Easy to Learn Use of the System Should not Require a Long LIst of Rules or Mental Strain

Last modified: 2008 FEB 18