CSCI 213-02 C++ Programming

Welcome to C++ Programming. This is the homepage for the course. It contains links to the course syllabus, a brief language reference, a style guide, the ccc libraries in downloadable zip format and the web-based homework assignments. I have also included a note written by the author of our text concerning how to make various C++ compilers sit up and bark.

You currently have three C++ compilers available to you in the Mathematical Sciences Computer Laboratory. Borland C++ is the compiler which Horstmann generally uses for his courses. Turbo C++ is also available. Finally, be have IBM's Visual Age C++ compiler which will allow you to develop visual programs with complete GUI interfaces. Regardless, you may use any of the C++ compilers available in the laboratory to complete your assignments and the course project.

Please download Horstmann's ccc library from this web page. The ccc library will enable many of the features described in his text. The ccc library is a zip compressed file. You will need to have a copy of unzip or gnuzip to uncompress and use the library. If you do not have a copy of one of these utilities, then please download it before downloading horstmann's libraries. Some versions of Netscape Navigator will find unzip and download it for you when you download your first zip file.


C++ Language Reference

Style Guide

Programming Pitfalls

How I/O Streams Work

Conquering the Compiler

ccc Library

Sample Programs

Laboratory Exercises