CSCI 232 Numerical Methods

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.

Welcome to Numerical Methods. This is the homepage for the course. Historically, computers have been used to compute a rather wide variety of numerical problems. Early computers were developed during World War II to computer ballistics tables. Later, computers were used to solve systems of differential equations to model fluid dispersion and solve similar problems. Begining about forty years ago, scientists and engineers began to use computers to model and process signals arising from a variety of sources. Digital signal processing constitutes the foundation for modern telephony, sound processing, image processing, computer vision, speech recognition, seismographic data processing, medical instrumentation, and other significant applications. Special purpose vector and data-flow computers have been developed to handle the processing needs for both classical differential equation and for signal processing applications. Finally, some of the methods of digital signal processing find their analogs in biological systems such as the human auditory system.

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