CSE 283 Introduction to Object Oriented Design

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.


DEC 07Final Examination: MONDAY DEC 10 @ 7:15-9:15 PM SCITC3-226
Open Book & Open Notes -- No Electronic Devices
NOV 18Proj 11.5 is the correct project for week 12
NOV 14

Mid-Term EXAM Reminder

The next Mid-Term exam is: Open Book,  Open Notes,  No Calculator,  No Computer.  The exam will cover material through Chapter 11.  There will be questions about binary/decimal conversion including mantisa computation for floating point.  The exam will be similar in structure to the previous exam.  There will be an extra-credit question on the exam. 
NOV 08

Extra Credit on GUI for Lab 9


Animation of the random walk should begin by displaying the original circle at the center of the frame and will ADD a new circle after a user specifiable unit of time.  The granularity of this interval will be 10 MILLISECONDS.  The user will specify BOTH the integer number of steps to perform and the integer number of 10 MILLISECOND intervals between each step.  ALL of the circles will remain on the screen until the end of the run.  At any given point in time,  the most recent circle should be RED,  and all other circles should be GREEN.  This will allow the user to follow the random path as it develops. 

You will need to use the the sleep(long millis) method of the Thread class to do this.  Please consult the Thread documentation for details. 

There is an extended discussion of animation in the notes for Lab 13

You may resubmit an animated version of the Random Walker for extra credit.  The extra credit deadline will be Monday night NOV 12.  The credit available for the animated version is 5 POINTS added to your final score for the course. 

NOV 08The instructions for the GUI segment of Lab 9 were ambiguous about animation of the random walk.  The instructions DO NOT require you to animate the image. 
NOV 07The call to setVisible needs to be at the bottom of the main method of the GUI Project for Lab 9 so that the components added to the graphics container will all be marked as visible.  Otherwise,  they will remain invisible and will not appear in the display.  Since the original instructions were unclear about this,  the deadline has been extended to NOV 8. 
OCT 31Effective immediately,  the late assignment penalty is reduced from 25% to 10%.  Please check the syllabus for details. 
OCT 30Project 9.5 is the correct project for Chapter 9
OCT 30The broken links for included code fragments should be fixed.  If you discover any that are not working,  please tell me,  and I will fix them right away. 
OCT 25Per student request,  I have extended the deadline for Lab 6.  Please remember to check the announcements and the schedule frequently. 
OCT 24I added a demonstration applet called Panels.java to the GUI project description for Lab 6. 
OCT 23JGRASP has a built-in applet viewer.  All you need to do to start an applet class is click on the red apple icon instead of the red running man icon. 
OCT 23I modified the instructions for Laboratory Assignment 7-8.  Now Calculate will operate on Fraction values instead of double values.  This was my original intention for the laboratory.  Very little of any code which you may have already written will be wasted.  As before,  exponents will only take integer values. 
OCT 17A student asked me to add information about Tokenizers to the Lab 6 web pages.  I have done so.  I have also fixed the inter-page links so that you can correctly navigate between the web pages for Lab 6.  Lab 6 has a laboratory assignment,  a project, and a GUI assignment.  However,  we are also taking two weeks for Lab 6 instead of one.  Do not despair over Lab 7 and Lab 8 being combined.  The Lab 8 material essentially adds one function to the calculator developed in Lab 7.  So,  the net result is fewer programs to turn in than if we were doing the labs separately. 
OCT 11Links to Assertion and AssertionException have been added to the instructions for Lab 5
OCT 11Design Documents for the Lab 6 Project and subsequent projects may be submitted electronically along with the completed project itself.  I also eliminated submission of the grading sheet for Project 6. 
OCT 11I added the next GUI exercise to Lab 6.  I believe that the extra time allocated to Lab 6 makes this a good time to do this.  All together there are five GUI exercises of which you have already completed one. 
OCT 09 Late submission penalties begin with Laboratory 6.  Also,  the due date for Laboratory 5 is now OCT 11. 
SEP 25 Hi All, 
      Please follow the below mentioned instructions to upload your assignments henceforth. 
  1. Do not send them as email either to me or to the professor!!!
  2. Compress your assignments and rename the zip folder as per the following format:
    First_Name Last_Name Week(No)
    for eg: Tim Howard Week0.zip
  3. Use the link https://lcs.syr.edu/faculty/nostrand/upload.cfm to upload the compressed folder. 
  4. When you click on the link,  it will ask you for username and password.  Login using your ecs account. 
  5. Select class CSE283
  6. Browse the compressed folder and upload.
  7. Save the confirmation for your purpose.  It is the only means by which you can be sure that you have uploaded you assignments on time. 
Vishal Chowdhary. 
SEP 24 Today,  I added a program fragment to the Java Project 3.4 instructions which should help you design code to validate numeric input values. 
SEP 19

The Software Engineering instructions for Lab 3 have been expanded to show how to use the NumberFormat class to convert numbers into formatted strings. 

The notes for SEP 04 have been expanded to include instructions on how to use Keyboard and Screen without installing the ann class library. 

The notes for AUG 28 now link to a description of the System class. 

SEP 17Due to popular demand,  I have expanded the description of easyio and have included a sample program which uses the package. 
SEP 11The second section meets Tuesday & Thursday in 4-211 CST from 12:30 to 1:50. 
SEP 11I continually update the web-site for this course.  When in doubt,  please reread the relevant web page.  Please tell me if I need to correct any of the information posted to this web-site. 
SEP 11The TA is now meeting people in 0-124 CST. 
SEP 09Reread Getting Started
SEP 09Earn Money Taking Notes. 
SEP 04The instructions for both projects have been corrected.  Please carefully read the revised instructions before continuing to work on them. 
SEP 02Today is Dr. Nostrand's birthday. 
SEP 31Vishal Chowdhary will be available to help students in CST 2-122 on Mo 4:30 - 6:00 PM & Tu/Th 2:00 - 4:30 PM
AUG 29

An upload directory has been set up for CSE283 on the webserver. 

Students can go to the following link to upload their homework:

This page requires https and generates a certificate error.  Tech support is working to fixing the certificate error. 

Multiple files must be zipped up in to a single zip file before being uploaded. 

AUG 27Welcome to CSE 283 Introduction to Object Oriented Design.  Class announcements and other information will be posted here regularly.  You should read the announcements page every Friday. 

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