CSE 283 Introduction to Object Oriented Design

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.


XEmacs Quick Reference

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Desired Action Command Desired Action Command
invoke xemacs xemacs FileName quit xemacs C-x C-c
suspend xemacs C-z resume xemacs fg
quit current cmd C-g undo last cmd C-x u
next char (fwd) C-f previous char (back) C-b
next word M-f previous word M-b
beginning of line C-a end of line C-e
next line C-n previous line C-p
next page C-v previous page M-v
first page M-< last page M->
delete right C-d delete left DEL
kill line right C-k paste (yank) C-y
read file into buffer C-x C-f kill buffer C-x k
save all buffers C-x s save as (write) C-x C-w
split screen horiz. C-x 2 split screen vert. C-x 3
combine screens C-x 1 redraw screen C-l
move to other buffer C-x o move to spec. buffer C-x b
get list of buffers C-x C-b
global replace string M-x replace string query replace string M-x query replace
compile M-x compile move to next error C-x `
invoke debugger M-x gdb quit debugger q
set breakpoint C-x SPC print expression value p Expression
run program r continue program c
next statement n step into function s
help on Subject C-h a Subject describe all bindings C-h b
Command binding C-h w Command Key binding C-h c Key
run on-line info C-h i run tutorial C-h t

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