CSE 283 Introduction to Object Oriented Design

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.



PreparationI expect you to read the entire chapter for the week prior to the first class session of the week.  Unless otherwise noted,  you may skip the starred sections (*) in the text.  I also expect you to begin work on the curent project prior to your laboratory session.  You must bring your Java reference manual to your laboratory session.  You should also bring your textbook to the laboratory session. 

Project Ruberic:  Your assignments will be marked as follows: 

Demonstrated Effort           10%
Compiles (no errors)          20%
Reasonable Progress           20%
Correct Operation (no errors) 30%
Correct I/O Formatting        10%
Style (Coding Standards)      10%

Attendance:  You may miss two lectures and one lab during the semester without attendance penalty. Because each week's topic builds on the topics of previous weeks, it is very difficult to catch up once you fall behind.

Disabilities:   If you have any disabilities that might impair your work in this class, let me know if you choose, and we'll work something out.

Incompletes:  I will give an incomplete grade (I) only in unusual circumstances, and only if those circumstances have been confirmed by the Student Life office. Procrastination does not qualify as an unusual circumstance.

Laboratory Exercises

Preparation. Prior to your lab session,  y ou should read through and begin work on the laboratory exercise for the week.&bnsp;

Laboratory Exercises.  You will create (or modify) one or more files for each laboratory assignment.  You will collect all of the files for each assignment into a separate directory (folder) for that assignment. 

Submitting Exercises.  Projects are due ot the time specified on the schedule.  You will zip the directory (folder) for your project,  and submit it electronically. '

Required Documentation.  You will write a brief Technical Report for each of your projects.  You will convert your technical report to a PDF file,  and include this file in your project directory (folder). 

Work Policies. Laboratory exercises are intended to be collaborative, meaning you should feel free to brainstorm and troubleshoot with your fellow students. By contrast, programming projects are not intended to be collaborative, but should be original work. You are free to discuss generalities, such as how to go about solving a particular problem. However, you are not to examine another person's code, or receive help in debugging your own code, except from the grader or your professor.

Honesty. Programming projects will be checked for originality. Unoriginal work submitted as your own constitutes theft of that work, and will be dealt with in accordance with the Discipline Code, as specified in the Student Handbook.









C++ main 1

C++ main 2

C++ Strings

C++ Algorithms

C++ Vector

C++ Numbers

Package java.io

Package java.awt

Package javax.swing

Java GUI Tutorial

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