CSE 283 Introduction to Object Oriented Design

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.

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Lab 1: Projects

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1. Practice using the text editor and Java compiler.
2. Gain experience with sequential programming.
3. Practice using the I/O facilities.


Sam Splicer installs coaxial cable for the Metro City Cable Company.  For each installation,  there is a basic service charge of $25.00 and an additional charge of $2.00 for each foot of cable.  The president of the cable company would like a program to compute the revenue generated by Sam in any given month.  For example,  if during the month of January,  Sam installs a total of 263 yards of cable at 27 different locations,  he generates $2253.00 in revenue. 

Using the program Mult.java as a model,  write a text oriented (non-GUI) program called Revenue which performs the calculations indicated above. 

Remember to create a directory for your project.  Don't forget to clean up your directory when you are all finished...

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