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Lab 3: C++ Project

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1. Practice writing numeric programs in C++.
2. Gain experience with sequential programming in C++.
3. Practice using C++ I/O facilities.


C++ provides the cassert mechanism for checking preconditions.  This mechanism is contained in the cassert library which must be included in order to use this mechanism.  The assert function is passed a boolean value.  Execution procedes normally if this value is true.  However,  the program is immediately terminated if this value is false.  A diagnostic message is automatically displayed on the console device if the assertion fails. 


Implement a version of Change in C++.  Change will prompt the user for a purchase amount and an amount tendered.  Given the amount of a purchase and the amount received in payment,   Change computes the change in dollars,   half-dollars,   quarters,   dimes,   nickels,  and pennies.   After completing a transaction,  Change prompts the user for another transaction.  Do not use any conditional staments such as if to compute change.  Your C++ version of Change need not produce a GUI interface. 

Don't forget to clean up your directory when you are all finished. 

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