CSE 283 Introduction to Object Oriented Design

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.

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Lab 3 Prelab Questions

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Print a copy of this page and referring to the lab exercise, answer each of the questions on your copy. (You must turn in your answers at the beginning of your laboratory session.)

1. We can get an input from the user via a ____________ which is an example of a graphical object or _____________.

2. In order to use the JOptionPane, our program will import the package ___________.

3. The "look and feel" of an application is determined by ___________________ which is provided by the Java _____________ environment.

4. We can convert a String to a double by using the method ________________ in the class ___________.

5. A stand alone program that can be executed by a Java interpreter is called an ________________ and a small program that can be executed by a web browser is called an __________________.

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