CSE 382 Algorithms and Data Structures

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science



If you receive less than a passing mark on the Written Final Examination,  then you may request an individual Oral Final Examination in which you will demonstrate understanding of the various programs which you submitted during the semester.  If you adequately demonstrate an understanding of the material in this course in your Oral Final Examination,  then your Final Grade will be computed on the basis of points received including the points you receive on the Written Final Examination.  There are no points awarded for the Oral Final Examination.  Only a Pass/Fail.  You must sit for the Written Final Examination in order to be eligible for the Oral Final.  We will endeavor to email your Written Final Examination score to you by midnight Sunday.  Please clearly print your email address at the top of your examination form.  We can not send email messages to addresses which we can not read.  Oral Examinations will be conducted individually on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  You must individually request an Oral Final Examination. 

You will only be allowed to take an Oral Final Examination if it can improve your course grade.  The results of your Oral Final Examination will not be discussed,  nor will they necessarily be reported to you,  at the conclusion of the examination. 


The deadlines for both LAB 11 and LAB 12 are extended until Friday of this week. 


Due to discovering extensive fraud in Laboratory Assignments turned in for credit,  there will be a High Value cumulative Final Examination for this course. 

What this means is that you must pass the Final Examination in order to avoid receiving an F for the course.  Passing the final examination is based upon the minimum reportable grade above an F for the individual stuent.  This means that undergraduate students must score at least 63 points on the Final Examination.  Graduate students must score at least 73 points on the Final Examination. 


You must present your Syracuse University ID Card during the Final Examination. 

MAR 31Please check the revised schedule
MAR 24SERVER UPGRADE - The course web page will be down from Midnight, Friday March 28th for up to 48 hours!
MAR 06ATTENTION GRADUATE STUDENTS! Yesterday,  the department chairman instructed me to assign an F to any graduate student not satisfactorly completing this course.  I urge you to attend every class meeting and every help session for the remainder of this course. 
MAR 06Contrary to popular belief among students of this course,  marks earned in later assignments DO NOT OUTWEIGH marks forfeited in earlier assignments.  This means that you "blow off" currently late assignments at your own peril. 
MAR 06 Please read carefully as the following updates will impact your submission for the rest of the semester: 
  1. After the spring break,  a new late policy will be applied:
    1. The maximum late period will be one week (i.e. 7 days from the original/extended due date)
    2. The late penalty will be 15% (starting the day after the due date)
    3. Late submissions after the one week will NOT be accepted. 
    So if the due date is Tuesday (day 0), any submission starting Wednesday (day 1) till Tuesday (day7) will receive a 15% penalty,  and all submissions after the following Tuesday (day 8 and beyond) will not be graded. 
  2. Also after the spring break,  attendance will be taken in every class meeting.  So we advise you to start attending classes regularly.  And remember that class participation counts 100/1000 points of your final grade (refer to the Syllabus).  So plan to come to class prepared (refer to the schedule for assigned reading material) and ask questions. 
  3. As you have been notified in an earlier e-mail,  copying will NOT be tolerated anymore.  We will be using tools to detect copying and plagiarism,  and all involved students will get a zero on the assignment. 
  4. Last day to submit Labs 2,  3,  4 & 5 will be Tuesday March 18.  After this date,  these Labs will NOT be graded. 
  5. Take advantage of the spring break to catch up with the course pace (i.e.  finish up and submit any/all of the above listed Labs. )
  6. For the reasons listed above,  the due date for Labs 6 & 7 has been extended till Thursday March 20. Last day to submit these 2 labs will be March 27 with penalty (as mentioned in the new late policy above). If you have any questions or concerns,  let us know...
FEB 13I've added a note which I hope will help you with Lab 4
FEB 12The deadline for Lab 4 is extended to FEB 14
FEB 05Vote in the Presidential Primary Today
FEB 04Some students have been computing the desired cost function and using it as the limit for a single for loop.  This is not acceptable and will result in a mark of zero for that part of Lab 3.  The sequential structure of the algorithm itself must consume the desired cost function for an input parameter value of n
FEB 04I modified the tangent portion of lab 3 so that it is compatible with the numeric representation system for sine and cosine
JAN 25The submission system is now working.  Please use it to submit assignments starting with assignment 2. 
JAN 22Due to late registrations for this course,  the due date for the first assignment is extended until JAN 24. 
JAN 21Laboratory Periods
Mo9:30-11:00 AM3-201 CST
Mo5:35-6:35 PM3-201 CST
Tu5:00-6:00 PM3-201 CST
Fr3:30-4:30 PM3-201 CST
JAN 14Hi All, 
      Please follow the below mentioned instructions to upload your assignments henceforth. 
  1. Do not send them as email either to the TA or to the professor!!!
  2. Compress your assignments and rename the zip folder as per the following format:
    First_Name Last_Name Week(No)
    for eg: Tim Howard Week0.zip
  3. Use the link https://lcs.syr.edu/faculty/nostrand/upload.cfm to upload the compressed folder. 
  4. When you click on the link,  it will ask you for username and password.  Login using your ecs account. 
  5. Select class CSE382
  6. Browse the compressed folder and upload.
  7. Save the confirmation for your purpose.  It is the only means by which you can be sure that you have uploaded you assignments on time. 
Vishal Chowdhary. 
JAN 14The Public Windows Labs in Link 201,  202,  274,  and CST 3-201 have been updated to the Syracuse University Active Directory.  This means you will login using your University NetID.  The MadLab,  Link 011,  will be updated later in the week. 

James L. Spoelstra
JAN 14Welcome to CSE 382 Algorithms and Data Structures.  Class announcements and other information will be posted here regularly.  You should read the announcements page every Friday.  In general,  you should turn in your assignments as a compressed folder of files. 

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