CSE 483 Windows Programming

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


MAR 24SERVER UPGRADE - The course web page will be down from Midnight, Friday March 28th for up to 48 hours!
FEB 06 This is the book which was mentioned in class today.
  1. Go to http://library.syr.edu/
  2. Click "Find Articles"
  3. Search for "Books24x7"
  4. Login to that website.
  5. Search for "Templeman", It's the second book in the list, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET Step by Step - Version 2003
Chapter 18 is incredibly useful to get going with VC++ and GDI.
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JAN 14Effective immediately, our classroom has moved to LINK 201
JAN 13Welcome to CSE 483 Windows Programming.  Class announcements and other information will be posted here regularly.  You should read the announcements page every Friday. 

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