CS 298 / EE 298 / ME 298 Autonomous Robots

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.

Welcome to Autonomous Robotics. This course has two levels. On the surface, it is about the practice, technique, and theory behind moibile robotic systems. At another level, this course serves as a hands-on introduction to systems engineering and design. Finally, this course introduces the emerging field of mechatronics which combines mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. Aside from all of this academic bagage, this course is supposed to be fun. It is modeled after similar courses at M.I.T. and Northwestern University and is highly student-directed. You will decide what sort of projects are built, how they are built, and general course organization. You will learn about integrating computers with electro-mechanical devices and more by being part of an autonomous robotics project. Our goal is to produce robust robots which we will enter in robot contests by the end of the term. This is the homepage for the course.

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