ME 317 Robotics

ME 317 Course Syllabus

PUMA 760 in CAE Lab

The Unimation PUMA (Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly) 760 robot is the primary robot used for the Robotics class in the senior year. The PUMA 760 robot may be programmed in C on the Sun Sparcstation using RCCL, a public domain control package available from McGill University. Students program the robot to perform pick and place tasks as part of the regular coursework for ME 317, part of the ME Curriculum. In addition, the robot is used as a resource for undergraduate research .

General information on robotics

Many introductory web resources on robotics are available, for example try UMASS list of internet robotic resources.An impressive source of general robotics information is available from Kevin Dowling's superb compendium of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). SRI's Chris Connolly compiled an extensive list of Academic Robotics-Related Web Servers (Note that Wilkes is listed!)

Instructions for students in the ME 317 course:

As part of the required coursework for ME 317, students are expected to develop C programs for controlling the PUMA 760 robot. Instructions are included in the following links. Please start with using the PUMA 760 simulator, this page contains example code and instructions for compiling a program to run on the simulator. After sucessfully simulating a program, contact the instructor for approval of the simulation and to obtain the necessary permission to execute the robot. Access PUMA 760 control using RCCL for detailed instructions on operaing the robot in the CAE lab.

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