CSE 428 Introduction to Cryptography

Barbara Nostrand, Ph.D.


Time & Place:  MW 8:00 - 9:20 CST 2-122
Final Examination Period:  MONDAY DEC 10 @ 7:15-9:15 PM
WEB:  http://www.deMoivre.org/courses/CSE283/
Instructor:  Barbara Nostrand
Voice:  x3029
Email:  bnostran@syr.edu
Office:  4-293 CST
Office hours: Mo - Th 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Course Description

Classical cryptosystems and their cryptanalysis,  RSA and other public-key cryptosystems,  pseudo-random sequences,  zero-knowledge protocols,  related ethical and social concerns. 


CIS 575,  MAT 534,  or MAT 541. 

Course Objective

Upon completing this course,  you should be knowledgeable concerning the major technical security challenges in each of the four areas of cryptography,  access control,  protocols,  and software.  In addition,  you should have advanced knowledge in cryptanaylsis,  as evidenced by your work on the two major projects. 

Subject of this Course

Cryptography deals with methods for enciphering messages and data.  Cryptoanalysis is the science of attacking and breaking ciphers.  Cryptology is the union of the two.  This class will cover methods of enciphering - past and present;  cryptanalytic attacks and some examples of modern implementations.  The class will cover the needed mathematical background,  which includes discrete mathematics,  topics in Number Theory (prime numbers,  factorization,  modular arithmetic) and complexity. 

Units covered:

PF1 Fundamental programming constructs   7 core hours (of 9)
PF2 Algorithms and problem-solving   2 core hours (of 6)
PF3 Fundamental data structures   3 core hours (of 14)
PF4 Recursion   2 core hours (of 5)
AL3 Fundamental computing algorithms   3 core hours (of 12)
AL5 Basic computability   1 core hour (of 6)
PL1 Overview of programming languages   1 core hour (of 2)
PL2 Virtual machines   1 core hour
PL4 Declarations and types   2 core hour (of 3)
PL5 Abstraction mechanisms   1 core hours (of 3)
PL6 Object-oriented programming   8 core hours (of 10)
GV1 Fundamental techniques in graphics   2 core hours
SP1 History of computing   1 core hour
SP5 Risks and liabilities of computer-based systems   1 core hour (of 2)
SE1 Software design   2 core hours (of 8)
SE2 Using APIs   1 core hour (of 5)
SE3 Software tools and environments   2 core hour (of 3)
  • Course Overview and Description: We will cover selected security topics in each of the following areas: cryptography, access control, protocols, and software. The emphasis will be on cryptanalysis and software reverse engineering.
  • Prerequisites: CS149 or instructor consent.
  • Required Textbook:
  • Other useful security books: